Air Cleaner – Back$30.00 each
Air Cleaner – Front$35.00 each
Bag Racks$65.00
Battery Holder (Base Plate)$30.00
Belt pully$65.00
Bracket, Small$10.00 – $25.00
Brake Arm$25.00
Brake Backing Plate$30.00
Brake Caliper$65.00
Brake Pedal$35.00
Brake Screen$25.00
Bag rails$70.00
Caliper Bracket$35.00
Cam Cover$60.00
Chain Guard$35.00
Crash Bar$80.00
Cylinder Barrel- powder coated only$195.00 pair
Cylinder Barrel- powder coated and fins polished$275.00 pair
Cylinder Barrel- powder coated and fins polished and buffed$350.00 pair
Cylinder Head -powder coated only$195.00 pair
Cylinder Head -powder coated and fins polished$275.00 pair
Cylinder Head -powder coated and fins polished and buffed$350.00 pair
Dash Housing$40.00
Derby Cover$25.00
Drop rail$100.00
Engine Case$200.00 & up
Engine Skin Plate$25.00
Exhaust$25.00 per foot
Exhaust Heat Shield$15.00 per foot
Fairing Mount – 4 pcs.$55.00
Fender$110.00 & up
Fender Rails / Struts$75.00 pair
Floor Boards$85.00 pair
Foot Pegs$30.00 pair
Fork Cans$40.00 pair
Fork Legs, Lower$120.00 pair
Frame, Rigid Style$250.00
Frame, Swing Arm Style$225.00
Gas Door$25.00
Gas Tanks$150.00 & up
Hand Control Set – 8 pcs.$125.00
Hand Lever$15.00
Handle Bar35.00 & up
Handle Bar Clamps$25.00 pair
Handle Bar Risers$35.00 pair
Headlight shell – 1 pc.$35.00
Headlight Shell – 2 pc.$50.00
Headlight nacelle -3 pc$85.00
Headlight trim ring$25.00
Horn Bracket$15.00
Horn Cover$25.00
Intake Manifold$35.00
Kick Stand$35.00
Kick Starter$25.00
Lifter Block (Housing)$80.00 pair
Lifter Cover$60.00
Luggage rack$55.00
Oil Dipstick Housing$25.00
Oil Filter Housing$35.00
Oil Filter Mount$35.00
Oil Tank (Stock, Small)$75.00 & up
Pan Covers$70.00 pair
Pivot Shaft$20.00
Plate bracket$25.00
Points Cover$25.00
Primary Inner$110.00 each
Primary Outer$100.00 each
Push Rod Cover Sets$115.00
Rim hoop(bare)$50.00
Rocker Box (EVO, 3pc.)$85.00 per set
Rocker Box (Shovel or Knuckle)$135.00 pair
Rocker Boxes (Twin Cam) (Milwaukee 8)$135.00 per set
Saddle Bag Latch$25.00 each
Shift Linkage$30.00
Shock Covers$20.00 each
Shock Springs$35.00 each
Sissy Bars$45.00 & up
Skid Plates$30.00 each
Sm. Cover$15.00
Speaker rings small$15.00
Spokes$3.50 each
Spring Fork Assembly – 4 pc.$175.00 & up
Starter End Cover$20.00
Sub Frame$90.00
Swing Arm$75.00
Swing Arm Softail$100.00
Tail Light/License Plate Mount$35.00
Tour pack mount$75.00
Trans Case$140.00 & up
Trans End$50.00
Trans Mount$25.00
Trans Oil Pan$55.00
Trans plate$30.00
Trans Side Cover$50.00
Trans Top$50.00
Turn Signals$40.00 pair
Turn Signal mount$40.00
Wheel hoop$50.00

All Prices Plus Strip & Blast