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What is Powder Coating:

Powder Coating is an environmentally friendly alternative to solvent based paints and sometimes plating. The powder used in the process is made of dry, finely ground organic resins and pigments. The powder is applied by spraying with a gun that electrostatically charges the powder as it exists the tip. The part that is being coated is electrically grounded, causing the charges powder to cling to it. After coating, the part with the loose powder clinging to it is placed in an oven to cure. In the curing process, the powder melts and flows over the surface of the object without sags, runs or drips. The result is a highly durable and attractive finish available in an unlimited variety of colors, glosses and textures.
Powder coating vs. liquid paint – Why? How?: While liquid paint relies on volatile solvents to convey the resinous binder over the surface, powder coating is a dry paint that has no need for such a carrier.

The Powder Advantage:

The application of powder coating provides a durable finish that will not crack, chip, peel, corrode or fade, assuring a superior looking finish that will last for years!

The Finishing Touch:

Powder coating can provide the following results:
Glossy: Glossy finishes provide a very high 95% gloss factor; great depth of image, taking on the look of multiple clear coats. Caution: Glosses emphasize all surface imperfections; a textured powder is recommended for pitted surfaces.
Textures: Textured powders are best used on poor castings or older surfaces that bear imperfections or pits and can also provide contrast to glossy surfaces
Colors: Opaque, metallic, candy, textured – hot colors & pastels too!
Clear Coats: Acrylic clear is used and provides a non-yellowing, 95% gloss factor coat. When used over polished or beaded surfaces, gives a maintenance free, outstanding look.
Engine Parts: Engine heat is displaced with our polyester blended powders, engines run cooler!

Part Preparation:

Because the powder adheres electrostatically, it must be applied to a very clean surface. It will not cling well to old paint, primer, most metal fillers or rust. Chemical stripping and/or sandblasting of the surface is recommended. The coated parts are cured in an oven at up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 30 minutes or more. Any piece that cannot withstand this time and temperature exposure must be removed before coating. This would include foam insulation, rubber pads, bushings or gaskets and plastic pads or attachments.