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Coating Specialties Polishing and Buffing Division

Coating Specialties Metal Polishing business is focused on metal finishing, polishing and buffing surface finishes of metal. We have over 20 years of hand and /or mechanical finishing, polishing and buffing on all types of metal.

We offer metal polishing and buffing on various sorts of metal like stainless, aluminum, titanium, silver, brass, bronze and copper.

Polishing is a surface enhancement to prep the metal for buffing.

Buffing is a technique used after polishing to generate a smooth finished surface, free of lines and other surface defects.

Metal items can be tube, pipe, angle, I beam, plate, sheet, and channel.

We also offer polishing and buffing of other specialty items like automotive trim pieces, wheels, cylinder heads, intake manifolds, exhaust headers and pipes, turbo and super charger housings and various other items.

We have customers ship items to us for polishing and buffing from various locations around the United States.

Please feel free to contact us for pricing: 708-754-3311.