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Bob Kernwein—Acquired Coating Specialties in March 2022. Graduate of Northwood University with a
dual major in Marketing and Business Management. Bob has been in the automotive retail service
world for 28 years as a Service Manager at BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Volvo and Nissan. Bob has been
involved in drag racing since 1990 and motorcycles since 1995.

Bob Buckley — Bob has been powder coating for over 23 years at Coating Specialties. Prior to that
owner of American Cycle. Bob has been involved with motorcycles, drag racing and muscle cars since
the 1970’s.

Gary Pappas—Gary is our in house sand blaster. Gary has been with Coating Specialties for 14 years.
Gary is an avid motorcyclist and loves to travel the country.

Uriel Magana—AKA Jr. is our polisher. Jr has been polishing at Coating Specialties for 15 years. He has
been a polisher for 30 years. Jr loves his time with family.

Bobby Kernwein JR—Bobby is a full time student and part time at Coating Specialties. Bobby is learning
all the aspects of the business. Bobby is an avid drag racer who started racing jr dragsters at 8 years old
and loves motorcycles.